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    janez bozja

    where can I find EPOS4 USB drivers? there are drivers for EPOS2 but not for EPOS4.

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    Jürgen Wagenbach

    Dear Janez Bozja

    Your question was forwarded into a support ticket and has been already solved. Anyway, please let me answer it as a general information for other users too.

    The EPOS4 resp. EPOS Studio and the EposCmd library is using the generic HID Windows USB driver. There is no(!) need for a specific USB driver (like FTDI for EPOS2) anymore. This the reason why there are no specific USB drivers available for the EPOS4.

    If you plug in the EPOS4 into your PC's USB the first time, the driver will be automatically installed by Windows. This can take a couple of seconds. As soon as the driver is installed, you can check it here:

    • Windows Start Button -> "Devices and Printers"

    If you plug in and out EPOS4's USB, you will see an "USB input device" appearing / disappearing in the "Devices and Printers" overview.

    Important to keep in mind:
    It is mandatory to power-up the EPOS4 if you want to establish a connection and data exchange with EPOS Studio or any other master. USB bus powering is not sufficient and any USB communication is blocked.

    Thanks for using maxon controllers.


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